Yongala Dive 26-27th of August

We will be diving the Yongala again. 

Time: weekend 26 & 27 August.
This time is expertly chosen as it is neap tide [The tide which occurs just after the first and the third quarters of the moon, when there is least difference between high and low time]
We dive out of Ayr, from Alva Beach to be precise.
Members have been sent information via email.
For prices please contact dive coordinator.Bring your own gear. You can use their gear, ask about it if you need to.
Breakfast and lunch included. Dinner not. We normally go downtown, where the lights are, in the city that never sleeps: Ayr! The RSL has a good feed.
We make our way to Alva Beach in our cool cars Friday afternoon/night.
We sleep at Alva Beach (simple, backpacker style) and get up early for the dive.
Out in a small inflatable (max 12 divers).
We do 2 dives and get back.
Repeat on Sunday plus drive back to Cairns.
How do you participate?
Call Janelle at Yongaladive (47831519), tell her that you are from the Nautilus Club and book & pay.
We are assured that we can have 10 places on the inflatable (2 have already been taken).
It transpires that they now also have another boat, so more people can go.
Rigo van Meer  
contact me via divecoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net

Sticky: Club Dives and how they work

Club Dives: How they work

This is a general explanation how the Nautilus club dives work, especially meant for new members.

We have a dive calendar to help you plan your dives with the club. See http://www.nautilus-scuba.net/calendar/.

We will also advise (email) the members separately about upcoming dives a few weeks in advance. We ask the dive operator to reserve a number of spots for our members, often around 12. We get a sizable rebate for our members.

To go on a club dive you have to call the dive operator and book your spot. You also have to pay the dive operator directly. Be sure to bring your Nautilus membership card to the dive (and of course your C card). As a rule, the club does not handle any money for the club dives. Spots are kept available for the club up to a cut off date, often a few days before the dive date. From that date on the operator will fill the spots with non-Nautilus members. So if you call late, it is not guaranteed that you can go. It is also possible that the spots we have reserved for Nautilus are already full.

Club Dives
Club dives are as a rule on the second Sunday of the month. At the moment (end 2016) we go in every 3 months once with Calypso out of Port Douglas and twice with Tusa 6 out of Cairns. We also endeavour to dive the Yongala at least once a year. We also dive with Deep Sea Divers Den, Ocean Quest, Rum Runner, Reel Crazy, etc.

As club members we get sizeable discounts on the standard prices. Tell them that you are a club member and show your membership card on the day of diving.

Overseas Dive Trips
We organise approximately 2-3 overseas dive trips per year. Pas destinations were: PNG [Walindi, Tufi, Lissenung Island, Liveaboard Certan etc], Palau, Truk Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Indonesia [Flores,], Phillipines, Vanuatu. As a club we often manage a get great group deals and these trips are hugely popular.

We are now also exploring special dives within Australia, like White Shark Dives, or Lady Elliott Island. 

All members are informed via emails about the new and upcoming plans and dive opportunities. Please contact the  divecoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net for Cairns based dives and the overseastrips@nautilus-scuba.net for trips overseas.   See who is who on our committee page http://www.nautilus-scuba.net/membership/committee/

Some useful information

Phone 4047 9120.
Three dives on Tusa 6.
Be at the A finger of the Cairns Marina before 7:40, for an 8:00 departure. Tusa allows unguided diving. If you want Nitrox, tell them when you book. 

Free Call 1800 005 966 or 4099 6999
Cut off date 5 days before the dive (don’t despair when late, call anyway).
Out of Port Douglas, Agincourt and Opal Reef.
Boarding at the Port Douglas Marina (allow at least 75 minutes for the drive from Cairns) at 8:20am, departure 8:45am, return 4:15pm.

We dive as a rule with Yongaladive, out of Ayr (Alva Beach). 
Call Janelle at 47831519.
In general, we will dive on a Saturday and Sunday and stay overnight twice from Friday to Sunday. Accommodation is basic (backpacker dorm style). Some members prefer to spend the night in luxury in Ayr. Breakfast and lunch are included, the meals at night not.
Website yongaladive.com.au 

It is a good idea to carpool. Interesting conversations and less expense on fuel.


Club dive with Calypso, Sun 13th of August 2017

Just a friendly reminder: our next club dive is with Calypso out of Port Douglas on

Sunday 13th of August

General Calypso info:

Boarding 8:20am at Port Douglas Marina.

To make your booking, contact Calypso on 4099 6999. Remember to tell them you are in Nautilus. 

Cost for 3 dives is $180 with tanks and weights, and $200 with full rental gear.  $6 reef tax.

Calypso allows club members to dive unattended if experienced enough.

Spots will be held until 5 days prior to the date. 

Remember your dive cert card and Nautilus Club Card!    




Nautilus Dive Coordinator

SOLOMON ISLANDS Liveaboard -Nov 2017

Our next overseas club dive is a trip to the Solomon Islands with the MV TAKA with SIDE Solomons Diving in November 2017.
For the Cairns locals, the TAKA is a well known live aboard ship that for many years was operated by the Deep Sea Divers Den. It has been sold to the Solomons. And the new owners are willing to give us a VERY GOOD DEAL, with up to 40% discount!!

DATES:    21- 28 November 2017.  
Travelling with Air Niugini
Number of spaces is 24.
As we have chartered the whole boat,
we are able to put in our own requests re the itinerary! 

Members have received an email with details and discounted prices.  Only 1 more space left!  If you have just joined the club or have still questions, please contact our overseas dive coordinator Akiko via  overseastrips@nautilus-scuba.net

See for more information about possible dive itineraries –   Solomons Diving