Coral Spawning Club Dives

Hello members.
Another great month ahead with several club dives to attend!
The first is the Coral Spawning a Night Dives across three evenings, another opportunity offered by Tusa T6.  An email has been sent to all current members on the mailing list with an attached flyer with all the details so check that our.  As a reminder, the main details are:

Dates:  Tuesday 7th Nov, Wednesday 8th Nov, Thursday 9th Nov,
Boarding at 5.30pm on A Finger of the marina,
Depart at 6.00pm,
Return at 1.00am (approximately),
MUST show your Nautilus Club Card to obtain the offer,
Inclusions: 2 x certified dives or snorkel sessions, Wetsuits & Torches (incl for snorkel or full gear hire), Glow-sticks, Hot buffet dinner & snacks, tea, coffee & hot soup

A special club discounted price applies (please refer to your email or I can send out another >>> )
These are great rates and we thank Tusa T6 for their generous offer to Club Members Only.

Call Tusa Dive Reservations on Ph. 07 4047 9100 and quote your Membership Number.

Spaces limited to 50 so Call Now!!

Club dive with Calypso, Sun 12th Nov 2017

Just a friendly reminder of our next club dive is with Calypso out of Port Douglas on Sunday 12th of November.

General info:

  • Boarding 8:20am at Port Douglas Marina.
  • Up to three dives available with either tanks and weights only or full rental gear.  Additional $6.50 reef tax applies.
  • Calypso allows club members to dive unattended if suitably experienced / certified (log book may be required)

A special club discounted price applies (please refer to your email or I can send out another >>> )

To make your booking, contact Calypso on Ph. 07 4099 6999. Remember to tell them you are in Nautilus and quote your member number. 

Remember your dive cert card and Nautilus Club Card to show on the day!  

Blow bubbles and enjoy !!

Calypso Reef Cruises, Shop 35 Marina, Mirage Port Douglas, +61 (7) 4099 6999

Christmas Dive & After-Party 9th Dec 2017

Hey all, it’s getting closer to ‘that time of year’ when the calendar runs out of dates BUT there is plenty of diving happening, and in particular the Club Christmas Dive !!

Just like previous years the club has organized a dive gathering departing Port Douglas – this year however we have an exciting NEW opportunity on offer.  A very special club discounted price applies (please refer to your email or I can send out another >>> )

On Saturday 9th December (place that date in your diary NOW) Deep Sea Divers Den has invited the club to hold our event on their brand new vessel AquaQuest.  Launched just a few months ago, still all shiny new and added features like Nitrox onboard (available to EAN cert divers) and much more !
Bring along a +1 (partner or dive buddy) at the same club discounted rate.

You can bring all your own gear or for a small fee have all gear provided.  If you want Nitrox then advise when booking and choose from a one, two or three dive option.

So in a nut-shell, club members this year get access to:

  • Lower cost per diver either with or without own gear than previous years;
  • Have Nitrox on board and at a heavily discounted price;
  • Extend the club members price offer to a +1 (partner);
  • New boat with plenty of space on board.

DSDD also visit sites that differ from other operators (Agincourt, Opal & St Crispins Reefs) which may be new dive locations for some members.
We must remember that AquaQuest is a new, large boat so there may be others onboard on the day.  There is plenty of space so we do not see this as a problem.

This is certainly an offer to seriously consider as you may never get the chance to dive out of Port Douglas at this very low price again – in fact if you are not yet a member and reading this – this deal is worth the joining fee alone !!

All members need to do is to call the Cairns office on Ph. 07 4046 7333 or pop into the shop to book.  Payment is required at the time of booking (inc any pre-booked Nitrox) which can be refundable until 7 days prior to departure.  Remember to have your Nautilus Card ready to provide your member number.

Further details (including the after-party) will be sent out to members well in advance to the day. 
If you have any other immediate questions ahead of placing your booking, please do email back to me or call Deep Sea Divers Den reservations direct.

We are looking forward to this event and seeing as many members as possible onboard, enjoying the dives as a club together, supporting DSDD who are great sponsors of Nautilus Scuba Club and visiting new dive sites.

October Newsletter 2017

And here is the October Newsletter  – with great stories & awesome pictures!!
Read about next years Fiji Trip, Diving Scapa Flow & More.

Reminder: Our editor Phil will make the newsletter about 1 week before the club meeting on the last Wednesday of the month. 
Absolute deadline for submitting photos and stories is the Sunday before the clubmeeting.


It is part of being with the club, to share experiences, dives, fun, interests. Your club mates will love it.

Please send your stories and/ or photos before that date to






Yongala Dive 26-27th of August

We will be diving the Yongala again. 

Time: weekend 26 & 27 August.
This time is expertly chosen as it is neap tide [The tide which occurs just after the first and the third quarters of the moon, when there is least difference between high and low time]
We dive out of Ayr, from Alva Beach to be precise.
Members have been sent information via email.
For prices please contact dive coordinator.Bring your own gear. You can use their gear, ask about it if you need to.
Breakfast and lunch included. Dinner not. We normally go downtown, where the lights are, in the city that never sleeps: Ayr! The RSL has a good feed.
We make our way to Alva Beach in our cool cars Friday afternoon/night.
We sleep at Alva Beach (simple, backpacker style) and get up early for the dive.
Out in a small inflatable (max 12 divers).
We do 2 dives and get back.
Repeat on Sunday plus drive back to Cairns.
How do you participate?
Call Janelle at Yongaladive (47831519), tell her that you are from the Nautilus Club and book & pay.
We are assured that we can have 10 places on the inflatable (2 have already been taken).
It transpires that they now also have another boat, so more people can go.
Rigo van Meer  
contact me via

Club dives -3rd of June [CHANGE of DATE] and 9th of July

Hi fellow bubble heads, 

Our monthly club dives are ‘always’ on the 2nd Sunday of the month. We dive mainly with TUSA in Cairns and Calypso in Port Douglas. [2x TUSA and 1x Calypso schedule]

But due to the annual refit schedule of the TUSA 6 we have to move  our monthly club dive forward.T6_Reef7

Trip Dates:
JUNE:    Instead of the 11th of June, this month club dive is on  the 3rd of June 2017

JULY:     9th of July with TUSA  [for who is not able to join the Minke Whale trip]

How to book:
call Tusa directly on 4047 9100, [office] or in the evening the dive shop on 4047 9120.
Additionally, if you have any dietary needs let them know on booking.

Remember to tell them you are a Nautilus member and have your club card at hand as they will ask for your membership number. Take it on the boat as well just to be sure.

Unguided and solo diving
Tusa Dive allows unguided diving and also have Nitrox tanks are on board (subject to availability and additional cost). Anyone wanting to dive with Nitrox should tell them when booking so the tanks can be organised, as they are mixed and taken to the boat on the day needed. Also remember to bring your Nitrox cert card.

Another service offered, if you are suitably certified and have your own redundant air system, you can solo dive. YAY.20130405-T6-74

Where to board:
you will need to be at ‘A’  Finger of Cairns Marina at 7:40 for a 08:00 departure.

Once you have booked, please let me know via so I can keep track of who is going please.

Happy Diving,


Dive Coordinator

28 June – Nautilus Underwater Photo competition NIGHT – Exhibition 2017

Put in your diary: 28th of June @ 7pm – Nautilus SCUBA Club Underwater Photo Competition at the CAIRNS COLONIAL CLUB
The June Club meeting has for the last few years been reserved for the results of our Annual Underwater Photo Competition. This is always a special evening as all the entries to the competition will be displayed and the winners of the competition will be announced.

This event showcases the hard work of all the Nautilus underwater photographers, (and the standard of images submitted gets better every year) to quote the judges.
WHEN: 28th of June 2017 @ 7pm

WHERE:The exhibition will be held  at the CAIRNS COLONIAL CLUB. 18-26 Cannon Street, Manunda QLD 4870, Australia

TIME: It will start at 7pm and scrumptious little nibbles and tapas will be served until the announcements of the winners of the competition at around 8.15ish. So make sure that you are in time to have a look at all the photos and have a bit of a bite.

Everybody is welcome. Do bring your family and friends. The photos will be again of astonishing quality and diversity.

See you all there,

Warm regards,


Coral Sea with Rumrunner 19 -22 May

Dear fellow divers!

We have booked a trip to the Coral Sea with Rum Runner, the boat that reaches the parts other boats don’t reach.
What can we expect? Great visibility, 30 to 40 meters. Beautiful corals. Loads of fish. Sharks, sharks, sharks (they will also do a shark feeding). Knowledgeable dive guides if you want them. Some caves. Etc etc etc.
To reach these beautiful spots there is quite some sailing involved, which will mainly be done at night.
Dates: Fri 19 May – Mon 22 May [early morning]
We leave Friday 19 May afternoon (as erly as possible), arrive in the morning at the dive sites, 5 dives on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, then heading back to Cairns, arriving early monday morning. 
We have reckoned with at least 14 club divers. We need this number as we are hiring the whole boat.
Costs: about $600 per person.
So drop me an email if you plan to come via .
If we have not enough participants (minimum 14) we can’t go or we have to increase the price.
We will probably be asking a down payment, but that is not yet settled.
Let me know
And don’t forget: keep diving!
Your dive coordinator,

Nautilus Underwater Photocomp 2017; Competing is Fun!

Dear Underwater Photographers,

It is time again to send in your best photos for our annual Nautilus Photocompetition 2017.!

Cairns Scuba Club has a yearly photo competition. This competition has been running for around 10 years now. It has been a runaway success among the members and it has increased the profile of the club to the outside world considerably. Phil Woodhead has been the great organiser all this time.

The competition works very simple. Every member can participate. Do you have one or more under water shots you are really happy with, don’t hesitate, go for it. Now, you might be a bit intimidated by the very high quality of the winning photos of other years. I know I am. Are your shots good enough to compete? My answer is: if you are really happy with your shot, send it it in. But as a beginner, how can I win a price? Yes, you can. Unlike in sports, where there are just a few players at the top winning everything and a beginner will never stand a chance, you can just have that lucky shot. You can make that amazing picture, because 2 fishes and a shrimp happen to smile at you in your compact camera at the same time!

One of the fun things in competing in the photo comp is getting better at taking pictures. You will hone your skills for next year. Through the years I have seen many of our members improve their picture taking. As a competitor you get a nice print of your favourite shots and you get to show them to everybody on the competition night. And they will be in next year’s Nautilus calendar.

Taking pictures on your dives has a great spin off. First of all, you get nice pictures. But it also improves your diving skills, striving to a perfect buoyancy to take a picture of that small critter. And taking pictures makes you look out better and see more. You can’t help to become a better underwater naturalist. Through photography you not only hone your skills as a underwater photographer. But you become an over all better diver.

What about Photoshop? Already in the earliest day of photography, photographers used some after processing to improve the raw results of their camera. This is called retouching. Now we have digital pictures and Photoshop, Lightroom and many other programs that do more or less the same. Every shot can improve with some [editing] after processing. Every year we organise a FREE Photoshop and Lightroom WORKSHOP where Phil teaches you the basics and also more advanced possibilities.

FREE Photoshop/Lightroom workshop is on Wednesday 19 April from 7pm to 9pm.

Every year there are questions whether the rules of the photo comp should not be changed. For instance, in a way that newcomers have a better chance to win a prize. Some members have just started to dive, others have many thousands of dives upon their sleeves. Also, some of our members enter the water with many thousands dollars of camera equipment with at least two flashlights, while others take a point and shoot camera. That is why there are 2 basic categories: SLR camera and Compact Camera. In both categories pictures are classified as Macro, Portrait or Wide Angle. Further there is an open category called Behaviour, which can be shot by any camera and can be macro, portrait or wide angle.

And by the way: the judging is not done by members (apart from the member’s choice) but by a fiercely independent panel of judges who only see the pictures, anonymously numbered.

For this year, long story short: $20 to compete with 1 to 12 pictures. Closing date 31st May 2017. Competition night on 28th of June @ 7pm – Nautilus SCUBA Club Underwater Photo Competition at the CAIRNS COLONIAL CLUB (in stead of our club meeting in June).

The competition forms have been send to you by email.  If you can’t find them, you can download them here:

Nautilus Scuba Club 2017 underwater photo comp form rules

Nautilus Scuba Club underwater photo comp entry form 2017-1

Happy shooting!


President Nautilus Scuba Club




Minke Whale Trip July 2017!

Minke Whales are in high demand, so we have to plan in advance.
Many Minke trips for 2017 have already been booked with our local dive operators by people from all over the world.
And we have these beautiful animals visiting us right at our doorstep!
We organised our yearly Minke Whale adventure with Deep Sea Divers Den. We will go with the OceanQuest on a four days & four nights live aboard trip. There are 36 spots reserved for our club (the whole boat). This is an ideal trip to take the whole family.
Friday 7 July to Tuesday morning 11 July 2017. The SeaQuest vessel will take us to the OceanQuest.
Leave Friday 7th July 8am, back Tuesday 11th 7.30am.
4 days & 4 night
Up to 16 dives /+ Minke Whale hang outs
We get a really good deal with heavily discounted prices. I know this is a really good deal, because we looked around extensively. I have emailed all the members about the prices. If you have not received any email [f.e. because you just joined the club] or have any questions, please email me on
As usual, you make your reservation directly with the operator Deep Sea Divers Den, 
Tel (07) 4046 7333
Kind regards from your alway vigilant dive coordinator