YONGALA Wreck Dive 24 &25 Sept ’16


Saturday & Sunday 24 & 25 September.      diver-on-the-yongala

We are going to dive the Yongala again.
This iconic dive is rated as one of the top dives in the world.
And it is just at our doorstep (well, maybe down the garden path a bit).
We go with Yongala Dive, which operates from Alva Beach, near Ayr.
We make our way Friday night, sleep at the dive operator, have two stunning dives, eat dinner, sleep at the dive operator, have another 2 stunning dives, have a bit of a bbq offered by the dive school, drive back to Cairns.
Accomodation is basic. Breakfast is provided, so is lunch. For dinner we dive into the bustling night scene of Ayr (normally we go to the RSL).
If you do not arrive on Friday night, you have to be there Saturday 7:30 am.
You are supposed to bring your gear. Gear rent is extra.
Check your email for prices. The given price is including accommodation.

What to do?
We have the option of the whole boat, 12 places. We want to fill it!
Be sure to be on it, so be fast.
You make your own reservations and pay the dive operator.
Nautilus does not handle any money.
Now don’t hesitate, grab the phone and call.
Make your reservation with Janelle at 07 47831519
Tell her you are a Nautilus member.
When you have booked, please email me so I can keep track of the numbers and who is going.

Yongala Dive
56 Narrah St
ph 47831519
website: www.yongaladive.com.au
email: info@yongaladive.com.au
Alva, QLD 4807

Dive coordinator
E: divecoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net

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