Regular Club Dives and how they work

Club Dives: How they work

This is a general explanation on how the Nautilus Club dives work, especially meant for new members.

We have a dive calendar to help you plan your dives with the club in advance – like a Diving Diary – add the events of interest to yours now!

We also advise at Monthly Member Meetings AND via email to all financial members (only) about upcoming dives. 

Regular Club Dives
The next scheduled Club Dive is announced in detail and diary-date information for the next two up-coming dives after that at the Monthly Members meeting.  Also read the Regular Club Dive emails all the way to the bottom!.  Details can only be provided for the next upcoming dive as things do change and operators reserve the right to make these changes as necessary.  A  reminder email  is sent out 7 days before departure so that there is time for members to still take advantage of the exclusively reserved seats before they are released to the public.

We also notify members via out social media outlets (currently facebook group)

We ask the dive operator to reserve a number of spots for our members, normally around 12 seats.  We get a sizable discount for our members in exchange for supporting them – a win-win situation.

To go on a club dive, unless the email instructs otherwise, you call the dive operator direct (do not call any club members who work for the operator – they cannot help you!) once that Dive Event is opened and book your spot. You pay the dive operator directly and your place is confirmed on full payment.  Be sure to bring your Current Financial Membership and Dive Cert cards with you on the dive as you will need them BOTH.   ALL this is in the detailed email that is sent to Financial Members.

Spots are kept available for the club up to a cut-off date,  normally 72 hours prior to the dive date (this will depend on the operator). From that date on, the operator will fill the spots with non-Nautilus members so if you call late it is not guaranteed that you will get a seat.  It is also possible that the spots we have reserved for Nautilus are already full.  If the boat does fill then more seats will be opened to club members upon booking if they are available.

Currently, Regular Club Dives are on either the second Sunday or Saturday of the month and alternate fortnightly as there are now 2 dives per calendar month.   When and where possible we go twice quarterly (every 3 months) out of Port Douglas and the remaining dives out of Cairns.  The operators do vary based on availability and the offer they provide to club members.  We are always looking for the best deals for members that present quality and value for money and support local operators where possible.

As club members, we get sizeable discounts on the standard prices that are only ever disclosed on emails to current financial members. This is CRITICAL to preserve the integrity of the operator’s pricing and an added benefit of membership to the club.  Identify yourself as a current financial club member when booking and show your current membership card on the day of diving – this is mandatory or you may be asked to pay the difference on retail pricing!

Cancellations:  Different operators have different Cancellation Policies so if you feel like you may need to cancel or are uncertain – ask when booking.  The club cannot be held responsible for circumstances that lead to a cancellation so the onus is on you at booking time to ASK.

Overseas Dive Trips (Temporarily postponed due to Covid19 restrictions)
We organise approximately 2-3 overseas dive trips per year.  Past destinations include: PNG – Walindi, Tufi, Lissenung Island, Liveaboard MV Chertan], Palau, Truk Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji and others.  As a club, we often manage to get great group deals and these trips are hugely popular.

NOTE:  ALL Overseas trips are currently suspended due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.  The club are monitoring this and will advise members when this travel resumes.

Domestic Travel and Special Dive Events
We are now also exploring additional dives within Australia that offer great deals to members and extend your diving experience beyond the Great Barrier Reef and surrounds.  In the past this has included regular visits to the Yongala (located near Ayr in QLD) and other wrecks nearby.  Future trips may include these plus travelling further afield (including interstate) to sites that are of interest to members and/or are requested – subject to any current travel restrictions.

Our valued sponsors also send us special offers and discounts on dive trips from time to time.  These are sent to members via email and on occasion, posted on social media (but never the prices, they are strictly via email only!).

Keep a watch on what is happening with these Special Dive Events here:

All members are informed via emails about the new and upcoming plans and dive opportunities.  Please contact the for FNQ, Special and Domestic based dives and the for trips outside of Australia.  

Other Dive Opportunities
We are a dive club so diving is our key focus.  As such, we are constantly looking for viable dive opportunities for the club.  Suggestions are always welcomed and are discussed at the monthly committee meetings.  If you have any ideas, please email: for consideration.  The club is for the members and the committee always values your input as it may lead to some exciting experiences for all.

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