Coral Sea with Rumrunner 19 -22 May

Written by jannemieke

20 April 2017

Dear fellow divers!

We have booked a trip to the Coral Sea with Rum Runner, the boat that reaches the parts other boats don’t reach.
What can we expect? Great visibility, 30 to 40 meters. Beautiful corals. Loads of fish. Sharks, sharks, sharks (they will also do a shark feeding). Knowledgeable dive guides if you want them. Some caves. Etc etc etc.
To reach these beautiful spots there is quite some sailing involved, which will mainly be done at night.
Dates: Fri 19 May – Mon 22 May [early morning]
We leave Friday 19 May afternoon (as erly as possible), arrive in the morning at the dive sites, 5 dives on Saturday, 3 on Sunday, then heading back to Cairns, arriving early monday morning. 
We have reckoned with at least 14 club divers. We need this number as we are hiring the whole boat.
Costs: about $600 per person.
So drop me an email if you plan to come via .
If we have not enough participants (minimum 14) we can’t go or we have to increase the price.
We will probably be asking a down payment, but that is not yet settled.
Let me know
And don’t forget: keep diving!
Your dive coordinator,

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