Minke Whale Trip July 2017!

Minke Whales are in high demand, so we have to plan in advance.
Many Minke trips for 2017 have already been booked with our local dive operators by people from all over the world.
And we have these beautiful animals visiting us right at our doorstep!
We organised our yearly Minke Whale adventure with Deep Sea Divers Den. We will go with the OceanQuest on a four days & four nights live aboard trip. There are 36 spots reserved for our club (the whole boat). This is an ideal trip to take the whole family.
Friday 7 July to Tuesday morning 11 July 2017. The SeaQuest vessel will take us to the OceanQuest.
Leave Friday 7th July 8am, back Tuesday 11th 7.30am.
4 days & 4 night
Up to 16 dives /+ Minke Whale hang outs
We get a really good deal with heavily discounted prices. I know this is a really good deal, because we looked around extensively. I have emailed all the members about the prices. If you have not received any email [f.e. because you just joined the club] or have any questions, please email me on divecoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net
As usual, you make your reservation directly with the operator Deep Sea Divers Den, 
Tel (07) 4046 7333
Kind regards from your alway vigilant dive coordinator

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