Yongala Dive 26-27th of August

We will be diving the Yongala again. 

Time: weekend 26 & 27 August.
This time is expertly chosen as it is neap tide [The tide which occurs just after the first and the third quarters of the moon, when there is least difference between high and low time]
We dive out of Ayr, from Alva Beach to be precise.
Members have been sent information via email.
For prices please contact dive coordinator.Bring your own gear. You can use their gear, ask about it if you need to.
Breakfast and lunch included. Dinner not. We normally go downtown, where the lights are, in the city that never sleeps: Ayr! The RSL has a good feed.
We make our way to Alva Beach in our cool cars Friday afternoon/night.
We sleep at Alva Beach (simple, backpacker style) and get up early for the dive.
Out in a small inflatable (max 12 divers).
We do 2 dives and get back.
Repeat on Sunday plus drive back to Cairns.
How do you participate?
Call Janelle at Yongaladive (47831519), tell her that you are from the Nautilus Club and book & pay.
We are assured that we can have 10 places on the inflatable (2 have already been taken).
It transpires that they now also have another boat, so more people can go.
Rigo van Meer  
contact me via divecoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net

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