20th Jan – Lake Eacham BBQ

Hi Nautili,

The BBQ at Lake Eacham is an annual tradition for the club. To celebrate the New Year, talk about diving, a fun day out.

The club provides the BBQ, members bring their own drinks.
If you wish to dive, it is your own responsibility and up to you to organise your own gear and tanks. 

There are always people who have plenty of experience with diving in the lake. If you would like to team up with them on the 20th, just put a post up on the Nautilus Face book and ask who is going to dive. There are also a lot of people who just come along for a swim, snorkel and a chat. 

We have not yet confirmation about a possible Gnome Hunt, but we will let you know as soon as possible.

We gather at Lake Eacham usually around 9am on the upper part of the park.

First for some diving and socialising. BBQ for lunch. 

See you all there!!!

Zuzana Fishwick 



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