Coral Spawning Dives, 2019

GET EXCITED members as it’s almost Coral Spawning season and this annual event is one not to be missed!  If you have never done this night dive before or out there every season, be sure to read on …
Whilst nature determines the exact timing, the local dive industry has a pretty good reputation of providing opportunities to witness this spectacular event at the most likely times. You can find out much more about it >>HERE<< and I recommend you have a read in a spare moment.  For now however, take a look at what we have for you.

Two of our sponsors, Tusa T6 and Divers Den have placed a great offer on the table for you, a current financial member of the Nautilus Scuba Club.  Check you email INBOX now as the SPECIAL OFFER has been sent to you and only available to Current Financial Members!!

Details we can share are in the flyers below (public pricing – call them for your special Club Rate by quoting your Current Membership Number) so go ahead, call the sponsor that has the best dates for you and Enjoy this year’s Season !!


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