Lake Barrine Social Event (18 January 2020)





When: Saturday 18th of January 2020, from 9am – approx. 2pm [or till when ever you wish]

Where: Lake Barrine – under the Tea House-  so whatever the weather – rain or shine – we have tables and seats plus shadow and a roof over our heads. 

Food & Drinks:  

  1. Morning Tea/Coffee with Scones @ 11am. 
  2. Bring A Plate for after swimming and lunch picknick. There are plates and cutlery available. 

There will be tea and coffee available from 9am in the morning. 
You can also obtain any food and drinks from the Tea House upstairs at any time you wish of course. 

Diving: you can dive in Lake Barrine – If you wish to dive, you have to bring your own gear and tanks. There is a grassy area adjacent to the terrace/ deck we can use for setting up tanks and swimming gear. 
Diving is at your own risk and initiative. You are responsible for your own safety. Dive always with a buddy, unless you have a ticket for solo diving. 

Boat tours: Nautilus Club members will receive a discount for the Lake Barrine boat tours on the day.  – Costs are $15 per adult [instead of $18 and children from 6-18years $8 – under 5years go for free.

Eco-friendly and conscious: Lake Barrine is a National Park. What we take in, we take out. And if you consider to bring anything from one of the fast food chains, please discard the packages immediately on arrival – as they don’t want to see that lying around and give the wrong impression to other guests. 

RSVP!! or Just Show UP – 
It would be nice to know that you are coming, but if you forgot, no worries.
I have booked for 30 for scones, and we have some scones/places left 🙂 There is enough space for everyone, there will be food [if you bring a plate] and the Tea House menu is also available.

But if you can, please let me know. Even if you are already driving the Gillies:)
Mobile: 0407 753 328

So looking forward to see you all at Lake Barrine !

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