CovID-19 Important Announcement

Written by DiveCoord

25 March 2020

Currently scheduled Members Meetings are now operating under a recommended Covid-19 Plan and Event Checklist.  These are available for viewing at meetings – just as any committee member present.

This means that things MUST operate differently.  We are abiding by all relevant state and federal rules and every person present must follow them.  ALL Members who attend must appreciate that these measures are not what the committee would like but there is no choice.

The club have taken measures to keep all members and visitors safe including having specific committee members assigned to keep across Covid-19 best practices AND Covid-19 Safe Trained to help run meetings.  Necessary signage and venue floor marking are in place – please read and follow them.  Sign-in to the venue is mandatory so please comply.  Attending members MUST follow guidelines at the meeting, maintain Social Distancing AT ALL TIMES and respect the directions of the organizers.

Remember to NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, have been advised to self-isolate or have any reason to suspect that you may be at risk.

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