Up-coming Club Dives – Advanced Notice

We all love diving and what to know what’s coming up, right?
Well if you are a Financial Member then you will have already noticed that the next TWO Club Dives beyond the current are listed at the bottom of your Monthly Club Dive email – you know, the one that is sent out each and every month.  This helps you plan ahead.
Also, you can find out the scheduled Club Dives (an other events) in the Calendar on this Website.  Just navigate HERE to visit the Events Calendar and copy the dates into your diary.

Now, if for some reason none of the above seem to work for you, here are the next TWO upcoming Monthly Club Dives for your planning.
Note:  there are no specific details for these yet – that will come out in the email as things can and do change.  As great as our Sponsor Operators are (and the ARE), they reserve the right to alter thinks if needed (like weather, capacity management and the dreaded Covid19 situation, etc). 
Just keep a watch our on your email inbox and until then …

Date: Sunday 8th November 2020
Operator: AquaQuest
Location: Cairns

Date: Saturday 12th December 2020  (Save the Date)
Club Xmas Dive & Social Event
Operator: TBA
Location: TBA

Bookings open immediately after the completion of the current monthly Members Meeting.
For Example Only:  Book for October as soon as September Members Meeting (4th Wednesday of the month) event is over as the dive is then ‘officially’ launched and open for bookings.

Note: Dives are planned as best-effort and are subject to change based on Operators, Weather, Availability and good old Murphy getting into the act!

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