Lake Barrine Morning Tea – Social Event

Now that the holidays are done, why not dive into the New Year by joining us at the first Nautilus Social event of 2021!   As an extra-special treat we will  be joined by our diving brethren from the North Queensland Underwater Explorer’s Club (NQUEC – Townsville’s Nautilus equivalent) for our first ever joint social!

WHEN:                       9am to 12 Noon, Sunday 24th January

WHERE:                     Lake Barrine Tea House.

There will be a free drink of your choice on arrival (coffee, tea or soft drink), after which there will be time to enjoy the lake and surrounds at your leisure. before a morning tea will be served at approx 11am (tea/coffee and scones) in the downstairs area of the Tea House. Any additional food or drink requirements can be purchased from the cafe upstairs.

Costs for the event was included in your financial member’s email sent recently – check your email Inbox.

Due to the joys of Covid, we have had to run things differently this year.  However, fear not as it will still be a great fun event for members, families and friends!

The main difference is a mandated cap on numbers at the Tea House.  The downstairs area we are in is now part of the restaurant so for Covid purposes we will require bookings in advance from attendees and will have the area only between the hours of 9am till midday.   Members can stay longer provided they purchase a meal at the venue as regular customers.  We can also no longer consume our own food at the venue as it is now part of the overall restaurant space.

As an alternative, members wanting to eat their own food could join others by moving just up the hill near the uppermost carpark at noon and use the National Parks picnic area.  Here members, family and friends can consume any packed lunches they may have brought along with them.  Public CovID Social distancing rules apply.  Many members are expected to take up this option to extend the day’s enjoyment.

Follow the details in your financial member’s email sent recently – check your email Inbox. 
Please book by Thursday Jan 21st so we have time to give the Tea House our final numbers before the big day!

NOTE:  The club does not organize specific dive events. Diving on the day is at your own risk and initiative.  You are responsible for all aspects of your own safety.  Always dive within your own training certification & limitations and with a buddy unless you have a solo-diving ticket.

If you wish to dive, you will need to bring your own gear and tanks. The club has NO loan or rental gear, no means of filling tanks and no diving insurance – make sure you have DAN, PADI-Pro or other appropriate Dive Insurance to cover your personal risk.

The grassy area near the picnic table at the lower carpark should be used for setting up tanks and swim gear if you intend to do so – this space is the property of National Parks and free to use.  Tea House areas are now no longer available to divers for safety reasons. Entry to the water is nearby.  Assess this to ensure it is safe for your own use.

BEST BEHAVIOUR!!!   Please remember Lake Barrine is part of Crater Lakes National Park. Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Also Lake Barrine Tea House have gone out of their way to accommodate us despite their restricted numbers on what will likely be their busiest day of the month.  It would be much appreciated if members could return the favour and make things easier for them by parking in the bottom carpark right by the lake on arrival, not bringing or consuming any outside food in the cafe area and not disposing of any rubbish brought from outside into the cafe’s bins.

Let’s all try and do the right thing while supporting our local tourist industries.

A big Thank You in advance…!

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