The AMAZING Annual Minke Whale Trip on OceanQuest – July 2021

Written by DiveCoord

30 March 2021

SOLD OUT – Wait List ONLY !!

This is the epic moment you have all been waiting for!
AND, it all just got better (Updated) !!

Bookings are NOW OPEN for the 2021 Minke Whale trip with Diver’s Den aboard their live-aboard vessel OceanQuest.  For those who have been before, this awesome trip is happening again with all the familiar details of the last few years with some added features and crazy good prices !

For newbies or those who have yet to experience diving with these magnificent and inquisitive creatures, act quickly to secure your place as although we have a special trip organized for members, spots sell out quickly! 
ALL other vessels in Cairns for all current scheduled trips are Booked Out.  This means that these are the ONLY remaining seats for the 2021 Minke Whale Season and YOU as club members get them!


Dates:  The trip is scheduled for 16th – 20th July, 2021

Costs: Divers Den are offering Discounted rates for Current Financial Club Members ONLY.  

These have been sent to all financial member’s email inbox

Unfortunately due to the reduced numbers onboard (Covid limitations), members who require Sole Occupancy will need to pay Full Retail Price.

Additionals (available onboard):

See Divers Den Website for all further details (inc Nitrox):


Yes that’s right, Divers Den is offering an exclusive PADI Minke Whale Awareness Specialty

If you are interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures why not include the PADI Minke Whale Awareness Specialty on your trip. Developed by Divers Den team of dive experts, you’ll learn all about dwarf Minke whales, including their biology, how to identify them by their markings, and how they behave. You’ll gain insight into the pressures and threats to their populations worldwide, and what conservation efforts are being made to protect them.  

During this Minke whale specialty you’ll understand the importance of the rules and monitoring activities that govern how we interact with these fascinating creatures. By the end you’ll know how to plan and carry out interactions with Minkes in a way that keeps everybody safe. 

The course includes knowledge development, and two open water training dives. The speciality at members discount and you can add it to your booking at checkout.

But wait, there’s more!!!

On this same trip, Divers Den are offering yet another unique opportunity!!

Fluoro Diving !!

With a special mask filter and torches we open up an amazing underwater world. See coral and other marine life light up around you like neon. Be amazed as their natural bio fluorescent properties are brought to life in pops of yellow, purples, pinks and greens.

Specialty night diving experiences like fluoro diving are an unforgettable part of any overnight dive trip. Fluoro diving on the Great Barrier Reef is only available on board OceanQuest with Divers Den. Add this exclusive activity to your liveaboard experience.
See the colour of the Great Barrier Reef like never before on a night dive with a difference!


Call Divers Den Reception on PH. 07 4046 7333 during current office hours (09:00 to 15:00), state your Nautilus Club current 2020-21 membership number.  Also have your Cert Card handy.


    Check In:  7:30am – 319 Draper Street (Divers Den Office for bus transfer)
    Return:     Tuesdays at 8.30am
    Dives:       Up to 16
    Location:   Cairns’ Outer Reefs, The Ribbon Reefs, The Great Barrier Reef


As usual, you make your reservation directly with Divers Den on Tel (07) 4046 7333.  You must be a current financial member of the club and advise of your Membership Number when booking AND show your Membership and Cert Cards when boarding.

NOTE:  This deal, it’s pricing and details are Commercial In Confidence, meaning no part of this deal may be shared with any individual outside of the club membership inc. on ANY social media (the club facebook page is open to non-financial members so NO details may be listed there).  To do so will place the club in a situation where these and other deals may not be offered to members so please respect the wishes of our sponsor, [the operator]


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