Minke Whale Trips June/July 2022

Written by President

15 March 2022

The Dwarf Minke Whale was only identified in the 1980s and the only place in the world you can reliably interact with them is in the reefs off Cooktown when they visit in the winter months. The Minkes are curious about us and a lot of people have described their encounters with these creates as a magical experience.

The 2022 Minke season has seen huge demand this year and most operators have limited availability. As a result, we have been booked two trips with smaller groups this year

Those who have been on a Minke trip before will know these are are awesome trips and we have again been able to get great great discounts for members.

For newbies or those who have yet to experience diving with these magnificent and inquisitive creatures, act quickly to secure your place as although we have 2 special trips organised for members, spots sell out quickly!

The trips are as follows:

Minke Liveaboard with Pro Dive Cairns (14 spots)
7th June – 11th June 2022

Minke Liveaboard with Divers Den (16 spots)
22nd July – 26th July 2022

Bookings are NOW OPEN for the 2022 Minke Whale trips with both operators.

See your club member emails for details and pricing. A separate email was sent for each of the trips.

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