Taveuni, Fiji 4th – 11th November 2023 Spillover Trip – Spaces Available on Request

Written by Webmaster

12 November 2022

This “Spillover” Trip was created because of how quickly the original trip filled up.  It was so quick in fact, that all 16 spots were taken within the first 8 hours! This spillover trip is from the 4th-11th November 2023. 

This November trip will have the same set up and same pricing as the original October trip, just that it’s 2 weeks later than the original trip.  If you’d like, you can also still do the 7-night Beqa Lagoon shark diving (28 Oct – 4 Nov 2023) optional add on, only that the shark diving will now come first, not afterwards.  We have only 12 spots out of the 16 spots available at the Taveuni Dive Resort, out of which only one spot remains!   

For more information visit the October Taveuni Fiji Trip.    If you want to combine this trip with the Beqa Lagoon shark diving trip, have a look at the Beqa Lagoon trip info also.

Booking and price details are in the club emails or contact the overseastrips@nautilus-scuba.net. If you are interested, don’t delay!




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