Minke Whale Trip 16th June – 20th June 2023

Written by Webmaster

6 February 2023

This is the epic moment you have all been waiting for! The 2023 Minke Whale Season!
Dwarf Minke whales grow up to 8 metres (26 feet) long, and a closeup encounter with these majestic 6-tonne creatures is an experience you will never forget. Minkes often approach snorkellers, divers and boats, so there is every chance to see them close up. Divers Den’s success rate for close sightings during a Minke whale dive over the peak season is over 90%, and your interaction with the whales could last two hours or more!
Dive Sites: Ribbon Reefs including Steve’s Bommie, Lighthouse Bommie, Pixie’s Pinnacle, Clam Garden, Challenger Bay and more (dependent on conditions)

The 2023 Minke season is in high demand, with early prepaid bookings leading to limited availability with most dive operators. As a result, we have not been able to reserve a whole boat. However, it will still be an epic experience and we have most of the boat, Ocean Quest, dedicated to our club. The trip is 4 days, from Friday 16th to Tuesday 20th June. 

For newbies, those who have yet to experience diving with these magnificent and inquisitive creatures, or divers who wish to see the whales again… act quickly!! Places sell out fast, so do book early. 

Club Member prices and booking details can be found in the member emails. 

Bookings will close on April 16th at the latest or earlier if booked out.    

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