Christmas Party 2023 Hemingway’s Brewery

Written by Webmaster

15 November 2023

That time of year is upon us once again for the biggest social event of the Nautilus Scuba Club calendar, our fabulous Christmas Party, scheduled directly following the Christmas Dive!

But don’t worry… for those that missed out fortunately you don’t have to be booked on to the Xmas dive to come to the afterparty… all are welcome, including friends and family!! 

So make sure to join us on… 25th November at Hemingway’s Brewery, Cairns Warf. 

All guests will receive a complimentary drink on arrival, and a fabulous selection of fingerfood and pizzas will be served from 6pm.

Options will be made available for those with special dietary requirements, but please let me know of these when you book so we can cater an appropriate amount of food for you.

Please refer to financial member’s emails for cost and booking instructions. 

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