Q: What are the benefits of joining the Club?
The benefits of joining the club include the opportunity to meet regularly with a bunch of like-minded individuals who share the same passion/hobby; the opportunity to participate in discounted Local and overseas trips; and, listen to interesting talks and expand your knowledge about the marine environment.

Q: How much are the membership fees, and when are they due?
Membership fees are $90 each financial year. Both new and renewing members receive a discount of $20 if paid in July. So to clarify fees are $70 if paid between the 1st of July and 31st of  July and $90 thereafter. We encourage payment in July because the AGM is held then and to achieve a Quorum we require paid up members in attendance.

Q: Does the Club pro-rata its membership fees if join late in the financial year?
The Club does not pro-rata membership fees for various reasons.

Q: I want to join, what do I do?
Please check the membership page of the website, which has full instructions. You must complete the membership application/renewal form and send it to membership@nautilus-scuba.net, together with a copy of your dive certification. The dive certification is required as the Club is only allowed to accept members who are qualified scuba divers. You should also pay the applicable fee directly into the Club bank account (details available on website).

Q: I am a renewing member – do I need to submit a membership form again?
Yes, please do. We use the membership forms to keep our database up to date. All renewing members should submit a membership form to membership@nautilus-scuba.net. You do not need to resubmit your dive certification card. It helps the committee immensely if you follow the procedure on the website.

Q: How quickly can I expect to receive a receipt and my membership card?
The Club’s committee is made up of volunteers who all have full time jobs. All committee work is done after hours and on weekends.

The approval process starts when the club has received your application form, your C-card [new members only] and your payment. Every application has to be approved by the club committee.
If for some reason your membership application is not approved by the committee, then your membership fee will be refunded fully.

Generally, the approval process takes up to 2 weeks.  A membership card will then be manufactured and either made available for collection at the next meeting or posted out (if requested). The membership receipt can be used as evidence of membership while you await receipt of your card. If you are planning on booking with a local operator and wish to receive the Club discount, please ensure your membership is in order well before the planned date of the trip. If you have not paid your membership in time, remember to ask for a locals discount.


Q: Where and how often does the Club meet?
The Club meets on the last Wednesday of each month at the Junior Eisteddford Hall on 67 Greenslopes Street at Edge Hill. Meetings kick off at 7.45pm, but people will usually start to arrive around 7pm.

Q: What happens at Club meetings?
The Club puts on drinks and a sausage sizzle before each meeting. The BBQ generally commences around 7pm and consists of sausages, chicken skewers and other delights prepared by the catering officer. The bar is run on an honesty system with Wine $3, Beer $2 and Soft Drinks $1. At around 8pm we go into the hall where we are updated on the latest dives and social events being organized, dazzled by the merchandize on offer and then enjoy a guest speaker who will usually talk on a dive/marine related topic for around half an hour. At the end of the meeting members assist with the packing away of chairs and the hall is generally locked up around 9.30pm.

Q: What other events does the Club organize?
The Club holds ad hoc social dinners throughout the year. These are announced at Club meetings, and are also communicated via the members @ email address.

Each year the Club holds a Christmas Dive (on a Saturday) which generally involves a day on the reef, followed by drinks and nibbles put on by the Club. For the last few years the Christmas dive has been run on Calypso and the after dive function at On the Inlet at Port Douglas.

The Club also holds an annual photo competition. The competition is judged by independent photographers and the winners are announced at an Exhibition night which is usually held at the Cairns Colonial Club on the last Wednesday in June.

In January each year it has become something of a tradition for the Club to hold a BBQ at Lake Eacham. Interest club members often use this event to take a dive in the chilly mysterious waters of the Lake.


Q: How often does the Club dive?
The Club arranges dives at least monthly, but we encourage members to use the Facebook page to organize additional trips with likeminded club members. A schedule of upcoming dives is available on the website and in the monthly newsletter.

Q: What types of dive trips does the Club offer?
Trips vary from day trips to weekend liveaboards, special wreck dives and International dive holidays. Special trips include a 4 day Minke Charter in June/July on TAKA, SS Yongala with either Kalinda or Yongala Dive in August, trips to the wreck of the Lady Bowen with ReelCrayZee Dive Charters, the occasional OceanQuest weekend and various Overseas trips which are arranged based on demand and feedback from club members. Day trips are usually with Tusa out of Cairns or Calypso out of Port Douglas.

Q: What is the procedure for booking onto a Club trip?
The procedure for booking depends on the type of trip. The dive coordinator will provide instructions. If you do book on a trip, then you should always advise the dive coordinator so that he/she is aware of numbers and can send round a list of people attending. We also suggest you wear your Club hat or shirt so that you are easy to spot by other members.

Q: What happens if I book on a trip, but then change my mind/can’t go?
This depends on the type of trip. If you have booked direct with the operator then their cancellation policies will apply. If you have booked with the club for a special “Whole of Boat Dive Charter” we refer you to our policy on Whole of Boat Dive Charters.

Q: How does the Club decide what trips to organize?
The dive trip coordinator organizes local trips based on suggestions from and interest shown by members. Generally if a trip is organized and there is lack of interest from members then that type of trip is unlikely to be organized again in the future

Q: I am under 16 years old and have my Junior Open Water Dive certificate. Can I go on a dive without my parents?
You always have to be accompanied by a [diving] parent or guardian. If your parents can’t come along, you have to find someone who will take responsibility for you on the dive trip and who is approved by either your parents or your guardian.



Q: I would like to join the Club Committee, how do I do this?
Nominations for Committee are held in July each year. We welcome new committee members as they bring fresh and innovative ideas and help keep the Club vibrant. If you are interested in joining the committee, please talk to an existing committee member.

Q: I would like to be more active in helping the Club but don’t want to join the Committee. How can I help?
You don’t need to be a committee member to help the club. Small tasks like helping set up and pack away chairs, delivering Club business cards to operators, and making a point of interacting with and welcoming new members all help to alleviate the load on the committee. Other tasks include helping set up the photo comp night, and volunteering to organize ad hoc events are also available. Talk to committee members to find out how you can help.

Q: Where and when does the Committee meet?
The committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the residence of one of the committee members. If you would like to attend a committee meeting, please contact one of the committee for directions.

Q: I need to contact a committee member, where can I find their contact details?
You can find the committee email addresses on the committee page, click https://www.nautilus-scuba.net/membership/committee/



Q: Is there a newsletter?
The club publishes a newsletter monthly which contains trip reports, upcoming dives and events and other information relevant to members.

Q: How do I communicate with other members?
You can communicate with other members via the members@ email address or via the Club Facebook page.

Q: What type of things should I post on the Club Facebook page?
The Club Facebook page is a closed group, but is open to all. The Facebook page should be used to communicate with others about dive related topics and to organize ad hoc dives and find dive buddies. Facebook can also be used to sell second hand dive gear, share information about non Club related dive events, or just share photos from your latest dive trip.

SPAM and non-dive related marketing is not tolerated and anyone posting that type of material will be removed from the group.

Q: What type of things should I use the members@ email address for?
If you are not a fan of Facebook you may use the members@ email address to communicate with other members about dive related topics and to organize ad hoc dives and find dive buddies.

SPAM and non-dive related marketing is not tolerated and any emails containing that type of material will be blocked.



Q: Does the Club affiliate itself with any particular operators/dive shops?
The Club does not affiliate itself with any particular dive shop, however some shops are more generous and accommodating than others and the Club naturally supports those operators that choose to support the Club.

Q: Does the Club affiliate itself with any particular causes?
The club does not affiliate itself with or promote political causes. It is up to members to form their own opinions about political and environmental issues.