Hello Members again,

We are privileged to have again organised this month’s club dive with: Divers Den aboard their vessel, AquaQuest out of Cairns.  Twelve (12) places are reserved and booking is easy over the phone.
Divers Den allows unguided dives for Nautilus Club members.
Remember to read through to the end of the entire email for ALL details and current club offers.

Check In: 08:00 at the Boat (B-Finger at the Cairns Marlin Marina)
Departs: 08:30 sharp !

please refer to financial members email, already sent.
Due to Covid-19 Safe Practices, 2 Dives Only are available at present.  This is because the entire Dive Deck must be cleaned between uses and that impacts on time during the day.

Book direct with Divers Den Reservations ON THE PHONE ONLY (online booking does not have the discount rate option), Ph. 07 4046 7333 between 8:30AM to 4:30PM.  You MUST be a current financial member and quote your membership card number when booking to obtain the Special members deal.  Membership Card (or your recent payment receipt) must also be shown when checking in on the day.
Your place is secured with full payment.

REMEMBER to CALL Divers Den DURING OFFICE HOURS (NOT AFTER-HOURS) and book VIA THE PHONE (NOT ONLINE) to get the club discount rate, else you will be charged RRP.

On the day:
Arrive at 08:00 to check in directly on the boat, B-Finger of the Cairns Marlin Marina, as the boat departs 08:30 sharp.
Have your club and cert cards with you on the boat AS YOU WILL NEED THEM, both are critical.

Note:  Please reply to this email if you book so that I can keep track of who is going as this helps both Dives Den and ourselves in the club.
All details within this email are Commercial-In-Confidence and must NOT be shared with any non-financial member, on ANY social media outlet, and do not forwarded this email to any other person.  To do so will put future opportunities for discounted club events at risk.

REMEMBER; CALL Divers Den DURING OFFICE HOURS (NOT AFTER-HOURS) and book VIA THE PHONE (NOT ONLINE) to get the club discount rate, else you will be charged RRP.

Any other questions please call Divers Den on Ph. 07 4046 7333 or
send an email to (allow 48 hours reply time) or ask at an upcoming club meeting.
Remember to read through to the end of the entire email for ALL details and current club offers.

Enjoy bubble-blowers,
Nautilus Club Dive Coordinator.

Image courtesy Laya Clode


Nautilus Club Sponsor Dive Offer – ProDive Live-Aboard

Hello members.

To further the migration of divers back into the water, an Exciting Special Dive Offer has been created from one of our valued sponsors – ProDive Cairns.  If you wish to take up the offer then please do so direct with their office as none of the club members or committee are able to provide more information.

As this is an exclusive Club Members Only offer, specific details (including pricing) are only available in the Financial Member’s email that has been sent to you.  Retail information appears below – remember your Financial Member offer has a generous discount on this published rate! 
If you are ready to dive and want to join the club, the CLICK HERE
Nitrox is available onboard at additional cost.

Check you Email Inbox NOW and enjoy the first local live-aboard dive offer since Covid-19 Lock-down!

The offer extends until further notice.

There is a maximum of 17 guests onboard so numbers Are Limited!

The flyer (below) outlines all the inclusions and all other details, as well as our COVID safety plan and how to book.  Remember to ask about our Cancellation Policy at the time of booking and any other questions you may have.  You WILL NEED your current Club Membership and Diver Certification Cards when boarding so please remember them.

‘Under pressure’ May Photo*Challenge 2020

Hello Nautili!

We hope you’re all doing as well as can be given the high and dry times we find ourselves in.
As you’ll all be well aware, we’ve sadly had to cancel our biggest event of the year. The Nautilus  Underwater Photo Comp is cancelled until next year, at the earliest.
But please don’t despair!

We are going to keep you snap happy with our monthly

So here’s the deal:

Monthly Nautilus Club Photo* Challenge 

Monthly theme:
Kicking off in May, our first month’s theme is “Under Pressure”. Every month at our Club Meeting we will launch a new theme for the month’s Challenge. 

You are invited to enter with\max 2 pics each month. Pictures can be photos or other images, illustrations, etc. I have attached some examples. 

All entries must engage with the monthly theme and be of your own creation.

All entries must engage water/ocean/diving/GBR/scuba/fish/bathtub/fishbowl/etc etc etc.

We’re currently a dry dive club, but we’re still a dive club – have some fun!
None of the entries should have been published before on social media.

How to enter the challenge: 
Please email entries to by midnight Wednesday 20th May.
Don’t publish your pics , keep them anonymous – just send them – it makes it more exciting!

Entries will be presented for voting on Friday 22nd May on the Nautilus FB page and via our Newsletter.
Our community can vote through either the facebook poll or the newsletter survey. All results will be collated and each month at the Club Meeting the winner will be announced.

Nautilus Prize Packs will be awarded to the winner each month. 
Sanitised and delivered to your mailbox.


  1. The Inaugural Nautilus Dive Club Photo* Challenge’s theme is “Under Pressure”.
  2. Please email entries to by midnight Wednesday 20th May.
  3. Entries will be presented for voting on Friday 22nd May on the Nautilus FB page and via our Newsletter,
  4. with the winner announced at our next meeting, Wednesday 27th May.

We can’t wait!

Nicci Reid,
Nautilus Scuba Club Challenge Coordinator


*  Pictures can be photos or other images, illustrations, etc. 

***DISCLAIMER*** Before we continue, this will be a trial-and-error process and we will definitely be ironing out the creases as we go. Our new Photo* Challenge is in the spirit of fun! We want to help you get your creativity flowing while we can’t all be under the sea! We’d love to hear your feedback, ideas, suggestions and contributions as we steam forward through these uncharted waters.

March 2020 Newsletter

Hi Nautili,

Here is our March newsletter. If you you are finding you have a bit of extra time in self isolation we would really appreciate articles, photos, stories, news or other items for the next Newsletter. Please send in your contributions to

March 2020 Newsletter


Covid-19 Effects on our Club/Diving

Submit your feedback, help us keep members engaged during this time

A message from our President

Dear Nautili,

We had an online emergency committee tonight re Covid-19 via Zoom. An interesting experience, with new rules of communication, and underwater sign language proved to be handy. And I would like to share with all of you the main issues we discussed tonight:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic

  1. Diving: All dive operators have ceased operations for the next few months. We can’t predict the future but we expect that diving might not be possible for quite some time. The Dive Coordinator will keep close contact with the operators and as soon it is safe and feasible to dive again, you will be the first to know. 
    As current restrictions are easing (from June 2020), some special dives are being organised so watch that space!   Please look to your email Inbox for further details and when dive events will resume.
  2. All overseas trips are in the process of being cancelled or deferred.  Australia’s borders are closed and we don’t know for how long, but expect quite some time. Akiko has been keeping all  members who are affected by this up to date. No new overseas trips will be planned at this stage. 
  3. The Underwater Photo-competition 2020 has been cancelled. We are all very sorry we had to make this decision but we did not see a way to pull it off.  We hope that we can organise the Photo-competition again in 2021 – we will keep you updated.
  4. Club-meetings – all physical club-meetings are cancelled until further notice. We are thinking of ways to organise other means to keep in contact and keep our dive appetites wetted. If you have suggestions or contributions, please share
  5. Newsletter – self-isolation and writing articles or sending in items, photos, stories, news for the Newsletter go very well together. Please send in your contributions to

If you have any questions or suggestions, or wish to share information  with members, let us know. 
It is on us as a community to help each other and get each other through these rough times. 

Stay safe and keep each other safe. 

Warm wishes,

Nautilus Scuba Club President

Submit your feedback, help us keep members engaged during this time

CovID-19 Important Announcement

    All currently scheduled Members Meetings have been Cancelled until further notice – Please DO NOT ATTEND.  As a precaution to assist with the prevention of spread of COVID-19, most club events where multiple people gather will not go ahead.  This includes meetings, social events and regular club dives.  As current restrictions are easing, some special dives are being organised so watch that space!  The committee are continuing to look at ways to continue to allow members to keep in contact and gain benefit from being a club member in these challenging times.  Please watch your email Inbox for further details and when regular meetings, dives and social events will resume.


Hi Nautili,
We are looking for a few members to help out on the committee. The club is run by volunteers and we need your help to run the club well.

Can’t commit to the whole year? No worries.
Sometimes we just need a couple extra hands for certain events. Help us plan an event, help us plan a trip (maybe somewhere you want to go) or help us cook the BBQ on occasion, take out the chairs and rubbish or pick up Pizza’s for the Club Meetings.  

At the moment we have Committee members doing multiple roles and they would really appreciate a hand. We also have long term committee members who are stepping down. They have put a lot of work in over the years to simplify processes so stepping into their role would be quite easy. 

Available Roles:

  • Newsletter Editor (creating and distributing our quarterly newsletter) Contact for more info
  • Photo Comp Sub Committee Members. Our current photo comp committee members will be stepping down after the 2020 event. So to continue our annual event we need a Photo Editor, Photo Comp co-ordinator, Catering co-ordinator and general members to help out. 
  • Contact
  • Social Events Co-Ordinator. At the moment we don’t have a permanent committee member looking after this role so if you would love to plan some social gatherings for our club members please contact us. 
  • Contact

Please find the list of role descriptions here

If you can help us please email me or Jannemieke for more info!

The committee meets once a month on second Wednesday of each month. 

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Nautilus Secretary 19/20



Overseas Trip – Santo Island, Vanuatu November 2020 – ON HOLD due to COVID-19

17-24 November 2020 (7 nights/16 dives)

In November 2020, we will be visiting Santo Island, Vanuatu, home to one of the best-known wreck dive sites in the world: USS President Coolidge & Million Dollar Point.

SS President Coolidge (21-60m depth)

The largest, and most accessible, and possibly the best wreck in the world, the SS President Coolidge was a luxury passenger liner converted to a troop carrier during WWII. While entering the Santo harbour she hit two friendly mines, providing divers with a remarkable underwater playground.

Almost completely intact, you can swim through the numerous holds and decks viewing the reminders of her glorious days as a cruise liner and the remnants of her days as a troop ship. There are guns, cannons, jeeps, helmets, trucks and personal supplies left by some of the soldiers, as well as the beautiful porcelain statue of “The Lady,” chandeliers and a mosaic tile fountain. The wreck is covered in coral and is the home to a plethora of marine life.

Million Dollar Point (max depth 40m)

At the end of WWII, thousands of tons of US construction equipment was dumped into the sea. Named for its worth, there are a multitude of bulldozers, cranes, fork lifts and trucks piled upon one another in this unique dive site. 
Those who do not wish to dive the wrecks multiple times or prefer to do reef dives instead can do so by paying a top-up fee of AUD 30 per dive locally for the boat dives.


Package Deal price: ~AUD 1700 + return flights ~AUD 1100

TOTAL PACKAGE ( = Approx. AUD 2800

NB: prices fluctuate slightly based on currency exchange rate and date of booking)

  • Pacific Dive 16 Dive Package
  • 8 Shore dives & 8 Boat dives
  • Espiritu Hotel 7-night stay
  • Return flights from Cairns to Santo via Brisbane – with Qantas (code share with Jetstar & Air Vanuatu)


  • Pacific Dive 16 Dive Package
  • 8 shore & 8 boat dives
  • Offer both Tec and Recreational diving
  • Dive Centre is within the hotel & provide a secure dive gear wash and storage room
  • Shore diving on SS President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point
  • Dives on the Coolidge build up from first reconnoitre to +30m.
  • Planned deco stops in warm, relatively clear water (for those doing deco dives)
  • Boat dives on nearby Reefs and other wrecks like USS Tucker (max 30m)


For further pricing and booking details check the email sent to the club members list. The approximate price above for financial members only! If you have any questions or would be interested in joining the trip by joining the Club, please see contact details below.


 Akiko Murakami Overseas Trip Coordinator, Nautilus Scuba Club – Cairns

December 2019 Newsletter


Please share your diving experiences with the club! Please send your stories and/or photos before deadline to

Deadline: Our editor Phil will accept content for the next newsletter until the 11th of March 2020.

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September 2019 Newsletter

Please share your diving experiences with the club! Please send your stories and/or photos before deadline to
Deadline: Our editor Phil will make the newsletter approx 1 week before the club meeting on the last Wednesday of the month.

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