2021 Underwater Photo Competition Awards Night

The awards night for the 2021 Underwater Photo Competition is on Wednesday the 16th of June at 7:00 PM at the Tanks Arts Centre.

There are some fantastic entries this year and while I was taking a look around on the weekend other gallery visitors could be heard wowing at the images Nautili have produced!

The awards night will be a fantastic evening and we encourage all members to come if you can to see what other members have produced and show your support support!

Even if you have not entered the competition you might still come away with one of our lucky door prizes!

There will be a bar but unfortunately we could not provide nibbles this year as it was not practical under the council’s COVID requirements at the tanks.

I’d also like to remind entrants that unlike previous years where entrants could collect their photos at the end of the night, this year the photos need to remain up until the end of the exhibition on Sunday the 20th June, after that we will take them down make make sure we get them to you at a club meeting or otherwise.

2019 Underwater Photo Comp Newsletter

WOW What a night!

This was our biggest year yet, with the most entries and a record crowd at the Exhibition night held at The Tanks on 26th June.

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Special Edition Newsletter – Underwater Photo Comp

This special edition newsletter has been put together by Phil & Peter to share our wonderful Photo Comp night held on 27th June 2018

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Winners 2013

The winning photos of 2013 have been displayed in a PDF file.

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