CLUB DIVE April – Calypso

Hello all members.
We are privileged to have organised this month’s club dive with: Calypso Reef Cruises aboard their vessel, Calypso 7 (or 9) out of Port Douglas.  Twelve (12) places are reserved and booking is easy over the phone.
Calypso allows unguided dives for Financial Nautilus Club members only (not guests or family, ie public).
Remember to read through to the end of the entire email for ALL details and current club offers.

Date: SUNDAY 11th April
Check In: 08:15 at the Experience Co Shop in the main Crystal Brook Marina terminal, Port Douglas – then follow the signs to Calypso.
Departs: 08:45 sharp !

Members are invited to bring their own dive equipment (including tanks, weightbelt. Air will be supplied free of charge on board)
as rental equipment maybe limited and must be pre – booked

Please READ the Special Nautilus Club Members Only Booking Process Below!

Calypso are offering Fixed Price Discounted rates for Current Financial Club Members ONLY.  
These have been sent to all financial member’s email inbox
* Includes up to 3 dives

Check with the booking staff to confirm the rates at the time of booking.  This is a specially negotiated rate and Reservations staff will need the PROMO CODE (above) in order to give you the rate!  We do our best to keep details accurate and operators reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Remember to read through to the end of the entire email for ALL details including How To Book

All inclusive, no additionals available.
Nitrox is Not available.

The special Nautilus Members Only Booking process is as follows (no variations please):

  • Members need to Phone (only) Reservations on 07 4099 6999 during regular business hours (not after hours) and tell them you are a member.
  • Reservations will then book you in.  You must quote the PROMO CODE (in email) that is appropriate to your booking (Tanks and Weights only OR Full Gear Hire). 
  • Provide Reservations with your current financial club membership number (or receipt number for club payment if you do not have your membership card yet) and they will take payment. You will need to re-confirm if you are with tanks & weights only or need full gear.
  • Retain any booking reference details provided.

Cancellation policy – full refund with 24hr notice or move to another date.
Any unused seats will be release to the public 3 days prior to travel.  You can still book and obtain your discount during this time but no guarantee of an allotment seat.

You MUST be a current financial member and quote your membership card number when booking to obtain the Special members only rates.  Membership Card must also be shown when checking in on the day.
Your place is secured with full payment.

REMEMBER to CALL Calypso Reef Cruises DURING OFFICE HOURS (NOT AFTER-HOURS) and book VIA THE PHONE (NOT ONLINE) to get the club discount rate, else you will be charged RRP.

On the day:
Arrive at 08:15 to check in at the Experience Co Shop in the main Crystal Brook Marina terminal, Port Douglas as the boat departs 08:45 sharp.
Have your club and cert cards with you at Checking and on the boat AS YOU WILL NEED THEM, both are critical.

Note:  Please reply to this email if you book so that I can keep track of who is going as this helps both Calypso and ourselves in the club.
All details within this email are Commercial-In-Confidence and must NOT be shared with any non-financial member, on ANY social media outlet, and do not forwarded this email to any other person.  To do so will put future opportunities for discounted club events at risk.

REMEMBER; CALL Calypso DURING OFFICE HOURS (NOT AFTER-HOURS) and book VIA THE PHONE (NOT ONLINE) to get the club discount rate, else you will be charged RRP.

Any other questions please call either Calypso Reef Cruises on Ph. 07 4099 6999 or
send an email to (allow 48 hours reply time) or ask at an upcoming club meeting.
Remember to read through to the end of the entire email for ALL details and current club offers. 

Enjoy bubble-blowers,
Rhett Milbourne
Nautilus Club Dive Coordinator.

Special Club Dive – Holmes Reef Expedition April 2021 Rum Runner


Our valued sponsor Rum Runner has yet again presented the club with a special offer for members only.   In April they are offering Nautilus Club Members a special deal:
3 night/3 day Holmes Reef Expedition on a Live-aboard adventure.

Booking are now OPEN on this very popular dive destination so you MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY!

Get away for a weekend aboard S.V. Rum Runner, a 66-foot Mono Hull Sailboat with a maximum of 14 divers plus crew.

Holmes Reef sits almost due East from Cairns in the Coral Sea not far from the recently dived Flora Reef. If weather permits, this trip will include a ‘Shark Feeding Dive’ and a night dive.  Holmes offers offers Wall, Deep and overhead environments environments.

It is for 3 nights / 3 days, and allows for open deck / unlimited dive times at two or three of the best Holmes Reef sites including a night dive.  This means one or two dive site per day with open deck policy (ie. you let us know when you would like to dive and a ETA of when you will be back, working around the vessels meal times) – no minimum bottom time with us, just go with what your computer [and dive plan] is telling you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this part of the Coral Sea Marine Park in an ‘all you can eat’. ‘Open Deck’ dive getaway..

This is a strictly limited offer with only 14 seats available but all seats must be sold for the expedition to run!
Any singles will have to be willing to share with other members as the COVID risk is very low as we all come from  locally.

Rum Runner allows unguided dives for Nautilus Club members.


Dates Sailing:
Friday 23rd to Monday 26th April, 2021 ONLY.

Departure/Return Information:
Departs from Marlin Marina, E finger, Cairns at 17:00 Friday late-afternoon and returns 11:00 Monday morning (Public Holiday). 
Departure is Fine Weather dependent and Rum Runner will confirm with all bookings as early as possible.
Personal Dive Gear can be loaded onboard anytime from Friday morning.


Three (3) nights, Three (3) days


  • Unlimited dives – This means one or two dives site per day with open deck policy.  You let crew know when you would like to dive and a ETA of when you will be back, working around the vessels meal times,
  • possible NIGHT DIVE,
  • tanks & weights,
  • air fills;
  • all bedding linen,
  • all meals,
  • light refreshments provided after dives inc. coffee, tea, hot chocolate,
  • tap drinking water.

   BYO TORCH and other personal dive equipment.

Add-on (optional, additional cost) Extras:

  • Bar purchases – bottled water, soft drinks, etc at bar prices,
  • Full gear hire (Price on Booking) inclusions: BCD, regulator with computer,
    wetsuit, plus any other snorkel gear as required.


FOR NAUTILUS CLUB MEMBERS ONLY: See your Financial Members Only Email for the deal !

Book direct with Rum Runner on Phone  0429 638744  during their office hours ONLY. 

You MUST be a current financial member and quote your membership card number when booking to obtain the Special members only rates or you will be charged full retail rate. Membership Card must also be shown when checking in on the day ON THE BOAT. Your place is secured with full payment.

All other details will be given at booking confirmation and you may ask Rum Runner reservations any other questions you may have.

General information about Rum Runner can be found here >>

REMEMBER to CALL Rum Runner DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS (NOT AFTER-HOURS) on 0429 638744 to book and get the club discount rate else you will be charged RRP.

The AMAZING Annual Minke Whale Trip – July 2021


This is the epic moment you have all been waiting for!
AND, it all just got better (Updated) !!

Bookings are NOW OPEN for the 2021 Minke Whale trip with Diver’s Den aboard their live-aboard vessel OceanQuest.  For those who have been before, this awesome trip is happening again with all the familiar details of the last few years with some added features and crazy good prices !

For newbies or those who have yet to experience diving with these magnificent and inquisitive creatures, act quickly to secure your place as although we have a special trip organized for members, spots sell out quickly! 
ALL other vessels in Cairns for all current scheduled trips are Booked Out.  This means that these are the ONLY remaining seats for the 2021 Minke Whale Season and YOU as club members get them!


Dates:  The trip is scheduled for 16th – 20th July, 2021

Costs: Divers Den are offering Discounted rates for Current Financial Club Members ONLY.  

These have been sent to all financial member’s email inbox

Unfortunately due to the reduced numbers onboard (Covid limitations), members who require Sole Occupancy will need to pay Full Retail Price.

Additionals (available onboard):

See Divers Den Website for all further details (inc Nitrox):


Yes that’s right, Divers Den is offering an exclusive PADI Minke Whale Awareness Specialty

If you are interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures why not include the PADI Minke Whale Awareness Specialty on your trip. Developed by Divers Den team of dive experts, you’ll learn all about dwarf Minke whales, including their biology, how to identify them by their markings, and how they behave. You’ll gain insight into the pressures and threats to their populations worldwide, and what conservation efforts are being made to protect them.  

During this Minke whale specialty you’ll understand the importance of the rules and monitoring activities that govern how we interact with these fascinating creatures. By the end you’ll know how to plan and carry out interactions with Minkes in a way that keeps everybody safe. 

The course includes knowledge development, and two open water training dives. The speciality at members discount and you can add it to your booking at checkout.

But wait, there’s more!!!

On this same trip, Divers Den are offering yet another unique opportunity!!

Fluoro Diving !!

With a special mask filter and torches we open up an amazing underwater world. See coral and other marine life light up around you like neon. Be amazed as their natural bio fluorescent properties are brought to life in pops of yellow, purples, pinks and greens.

Specialty night diving experiences like fluoro diving are an unforgettable part of any overnight dive trip. Fluoro diving on the Great Barrier Reef is only available on board OceanQuest with Divers Den. Add this exclusive activity to your liveaboard experience.
See the colour of the Great Barrier Reef like never before on a night dive with a difference!


Call Divers Den Reception on PH. 07 4046 7333 during current office hours (09:00 to 15:00), state your Nautilus Club current 2020-21 membership number.  Also have your Cert Card handy.


    Check In:  7:30am – 319 Draper Street (Divers Den Office for bus transfer)
    Return:     Tuesdays at 8.30am
    Dives:       Up to 16
    Location:   Cairns’ Outer Reefs, The Ribbon Reefs, The Great Barrier Reef


As usual, you make your reservation directly with Divers Den on Tel (07) 4046 7333.  You must be a current financial member of the club and advise of your Membership Number when booking AND show your Membership and Cert Cards when boarding.

NOTE:  This deal, it’s pricing and details are Commercial In Confidence, meaning no part of this deal may be shared with any individual outside of the club membership inc. on ANY social media (the club facebook page is open to non-financial members so NO details may be listed there).  To do so will place the club in a situation where these and other deals may not be offered to members so please respect the wishes of our sponsor, [the operator]


2021 Underwater Photo Competition


The 2021 Underwater Photo Competition is fast approaching.

This year, for the first time, the competition will take the form of a 3 week exhibition at the Tanks Art Centre open to the public.

The exhibition will run from the 28th May to the 20th of June. The Awards night will be on the 16th of June and will replace the June Club meeting.

There are no changes to the rules or entry form from the 2020 competition which we had to cancel due to Covid restrictions. Find the rules and entry forms here:

2021 Rules »

2021 Entry Form »

Critical Dates

Closing date for Images to be submitted is Thursday 15th April 2021 at Midnight.

Images submitted should be taken between January 2019 and April 2021.

Entrants who submit entries that are incorrectly named or incorrectly sized will be informed by email and will have 24 hours to correct their mistake and re-submit their entry.

Cost of entry is $35 per entrant (for one or twenty images).

Happy snapping!!

Sticky: Up-coming Club Dives – Advanced Notice

We all love diving and like to know what’s coming up, right?
Well if you are a Financial Member then you will have already noticed that the next TWO Club Dives beyond the current are listed at the bottom of your Monthly Club Dive email – you know, the one that is sent out each and every month.  This helps you plan ahead.
Also, you can find out the scheduled Club Dives (and other events) in the Calendar on this Website.  Just navigate HERE to visit the Events Calendar and copy the dates into your diary.

Now, if for some reason none of the above seem to work for you, here are the next TWO upcoming Monthly Club Dives for your planning.
Note:  there may not be all details for these yet – that will come out in the email as things can and do change.  As great as our Sponsor Operators are (and the ARE), they reserve the right to alter thinks if needed (like weather, capacity management and the dreaded Covid19 situation, etc). 
Just keep a watch out on your email inbox and until then mark the following in your calendar …

Date: Sunday 9th May 2021
Dive Operator:  Passions Of Paradise – P3
Dive Location:  Cairns

Date: Sunday 12th June 2021
Operator: Divers Den (Vessel TBA)
Location: Cairns

Bookings open immediately after you receive your Members Email announcing the dive, usually a day or two after the current monthly Members Meeting.  Bookings are NOT available in advance due to the arrangements operators have with the club.

Note: Dives are planned using best-efforts and are subject to change based on Operators, Weather, Availability, Pandemics and good ol’ Murphy getting into the act!

Sponsor Deals to Financial Members – On Now!

Hey members … there are always great deals on with our Club Sponsors.  From live-aboard weekends to day-boat dives, there is ALWAYS something on!

Special Dive Deals details are emailed to members as Exclusive Offers as they arrive – you need to watch your email inbox for these as they are often Last Minute or Sell Out fast so never make it to this website.  Taking up just ONE of these offers could save you more than the cost of club membership !!  #TrueStory.

Our Day-Boat sponsors also offer Club Discounts for ANY DAY of the week they run, not just Club Days.  Some do give a greater discount on Club Days as an incentive to come along, and why not – you will be diving with friends on great vessels sharing stories and the adventure.   If you cannot make those days though, you STILL GET Club Discounts with are ALWAYS better than locals rates and a lot better than RRP.

Still uncertain or need forward information to plan your diary? 
Want to get super-organised and support out local dive operators who support us?
Just can’t get enough dive time logged?
Well head to our Event Calendar for ‘diary date information’ to help you along.

So who are our sponsors?   >>>   SEE HERE

MALDIVES TRIP SEPT 2020 – BOOKED OUT – Postponement to SEPT 2021 due to COVID-19

Nautilus Scuba Club, Sept 2020 Trip: MV Emperor Voyager, Maldives

Dedicated Club Charter: 20 places only: 7 Nights, 17 Dives, Full Board, Transfers ex-Male, Free Nitrox

Trip put together by Diversion Dive Travel especially for Nautilus Scuba Club Members

Why Maldives Liveaboard?

  • Maldives are very spread out – so a Liveaboard is the best way to visit the most sites
  • Itinerary: ‘Best of the Maldives’
  • Rasdhoo Atoll: Hammerhead Dive, Beautiful Reef with Pelagics
  • North Ari Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Maaya Thila Night Dive, Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations
  • South Ari Atoll: Whale Sharks, Beautiful Pinnacles
  • South Male Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Other Pelagics, Beautiful Macro Wreck.
  • Vaavu Atoll: Beautiful channels with magical soft corals and pelagic delights. Action packed night dive with Nurse Sharks and others.
  • North Male Atoll: Beautiful Pinnacles


  • Sat 5 – Sat 12 September 2020 (liveaboard)
  • (Fri 4 – Sun 13 Sept 2020 for the whole trip)

Getting There:

  • Airfares Cairns to Male via Singapore with Singapore Airlines
  • Brief overnight needed on both legs of the journey (can stay at Changi Airport short-stay hotel)

MV Emperor Voyager

  • Emperor Divers is a well respected operator with liveaboards in Maldives & Indonesia
  • The MV Emperor Voyager is a welcoming modern, 30m spacious liveaboard built to a high standard, accommodating 20 guests in 7 twin and 3 double cabins, all ensuite with air-con and a fan.
  • 7 days package on-board includes:
  • 3 meals per day, afternoon snacks
  • Free Nitrox
  • Unlimited drinking water, tea, coffee
  • 17 dives per week in total (2-3 dives per day but no diving on the arrival/departure day)
  • Dedicated Dhoni with 3 dive guides
  • Tanks, weights, Nitrox (certification required)
  • Transfers for boarding and disembarking
  • GST 12% & Green Tax
  • 1 BBQ night on a local island
  • (weather & conditions permitting)

As the trip is planned for September 2020 the following needs to be taken into consideration:

  • Pricing is exclusive to Nautilus Club members: discounted based on 3 FOC (effectively 15% off)
  • Per person liveaboard price will be charged in EUR converted to AUD at the exchange rate at the time payments are made.
  • All cabins will be sold on a first come first served basis.
  • Deposit required: AU$ 600 now to secure your place.
  • Final balance three months prior to the trip
  • As per Club policy, deposits are non-refundable – but are transferrable.
  • For further info contact Akiko on

Sticky: See what we’ve got planned for you.. in the Calendar

So you might be wondering what we’ve got planned for our members in the coming months & years?  Well 2019 is jam packed and we are already working on 2020 & /2021 local (FNQ/NQ), national (Australia wide) and exotic overseas trips.  If you have any suggestions, comments or are interested in becoming involved more in the club, please contact us via

Also, while you are here, check out our events calendar with all the dates

We have so much on, including:

  • Club dives every month,
  • Club Member & Committee meetings every month,
  • Overseas trips,
  • Social Events,
  • Underwater photo comp in June  each year,
  • Extra local and national ‘Special Dive’ events,
  • and more!!