Special Dive – Yongala Wreck November 2020

Hello members.

It’s NOW time to book your place on this year’s Yongala Wreck trip from November 28th and 29th.  
Planning has been underway behind the scenes for a while and Bookings are NOW OPEN – ACT QUICKLY .  Call and book ASAP to lock in the club rates.

Ten places have been reserved with Yongala Dive for each day (Saturday and Sunday) until 13th November after which the seats will be released for public sale.  It is important to decide, commit and book (full payment may be require on booking).  Should there be adverse weather conditions, then Yongala Dive’s refund policy may apply.  Be sure to discuss this with them when you call to book AND have your current Membership card (or recent Membership Payment receipt) on hand to quote the number.

The operator is Yongala Dive out of Alva Beach (near Ayr, South of Townsville).  If you are diving both days then you need to organize your own accommodation nearby.  There are options in Ayr township or at the Caravan Park at Alva Beach out of which Yongala Dive operate (see:  http://www.yongaladive.com.au/dive/yongala-dive-lodge-accommodation-package/ )

Specifics are as below:
Includes per day (as per general day trips):

  • Qualified, experienced friendly guides (see details below)
  • 4WD transfer to the beach launch
  • Short 30 minute boat ride
  • 2 Dives on the wreck
  • Yongala history talk
  • Snacks/drinks on vessel

Special Financial members only rates, NOT for publication – please refer to your member email delivered to your inbox or call and quote your current 2020-21 membership number.

Optional extra’s (available at club rates):
• Gear hire (full kit)
• Adventure Dives Instruction (required for OW divers)
• Advanced Open Water Course
• Nitrox course
• Nitrox fills (must be Nitrox certified – have that C-Card with you too)

These extras MUST be discussed at the time of booking to ensure availability on the day!

Logistics and other:
Further logistics including boarding times, boat location and other information will be provided to you when you make your booking – BE SURE TO ASK!

Yongala Dive allows Unguided diving for experienced Advanced Open Water (or above) divers.  Any diver with under 20 logged dives must go guided.

The cancellation policy for this trip – ask when booking.  Bring your own gear or hire what you need.  If you have never dived the Yongala before, or are a wreck diving nerd or guru, then this is a MUST DO dive that is amongst the best in the world and right on our doorstep (well a few paces away) !!

Call Yongala Dive,  Phone 07 4783 1519 during regular business hours and ask for Janelle. 
Be sure to quote your Current Nautilus Membership Card (or recent Membership Payment receipt) number and take it, your ‘C-Cards’ and Log Book (if you keep one) with you at boarding time.

Further details are available and the Yongala Dive website (link below)


Coral Spawning 2020 – Rum Runner

Hello all members.

Rum Runner is offering Nautilus Club Members only a VERY special deal – a 2 night  / 1 day Coral Spawning Live-aboard adventure.


Once a year in November / December, 3 or 4 days after the Full Moon from
9.00pm onwards, all the corals on the reef spawn at once in a dazzling

Billions of tiny cells come shooting out of corals all over the reef in
a mass synchronized event, pouring into the water like sparkling bubbles
and forming a slick that coats the surface, after which the tiny baby
corals settle down onto the reef and find a place to grow and flourish.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see coral spawning on the Great Barrier

This dramatic phenomenon lasts just one night and is considered a rare viewing event as one must be in the right place at the right time to see it.
Our 2-night / 1-day expedition offers you 4 chances over two nights to try and match the time of coral spawning for an unforgettable experience. That’s 4-night dives and 3 day dives.

This is a strictly limited offer with only 10 seats available!

Rum Runner allows unguided dives for Nautilus Club members.

Dates Available:
Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th December, 2020 ONLY

Departure/Return Information:
Departs 15:30 Thursday afternoon and returns 04:00 Saturday morning.  You are welcome to remain on the boat until day-break.


  • 7 dives,
  • Tanks & weights,
  • air fills;
  • all bedding linen,
  • all meals,
  • light refreshments provided after dives inc. coffee, tea, hot chocolate,
  • tap drinking water.

   BYO alcohol and other drinks,

Add-on (optional, additional cost) Extras:

  • Bar purchases – bottled water, Coca-Cola, etc at bar prices,
  • Full gear hire available (price on booking) inclusions: BCD, regulator with computer,
    wetsuit, plus any other snorkel gear as required.

The club discount is NOT released to the public so check your email Inbox for details. Remember to take your Current 2020-21 Membership Card along to gain access to this.
FOR NAUTILUS CLUB MEMBERS ONLY (no family or friends)

Book direct with Rum Runner on Phone  0429 638744  during office hours ONLY. 

You MUST be a current financial member and quote your membership card number when booking to obtain the Special members only rates or you will be charged full retail rate. Membership Card must also be shown when checking in on the day ON THE BOAT. Your place is secured with full payment.

All other details will be given at booking confirmation and you may ask Rum Runner reservations any other questions you may have.

General information about Rum Runner can be found here >>

Special Club Dive – Coral Spawning 2020 – Divers Den Update

Attention All Members joining this dive event.
Divers Den have advised the following:
*  Vessel change – from AquaQuest to REEFQUEST.
*  Departure change – from B Finger to C FINGER.
Nitrox is no longer available.

5 Seats ONLY remaining as at 19/11/2020 !

It’s almost that time of the year again when there’s Sex-on-the-reef!
Remember to read through to the end of the entire post for ALL details of this offer.


Yes, the Corals are set to Spawning again and trip dates have been released from our valued sponsor Divers Den.
A discounted rate applies and booking this time is ON-LINE (or by phone during OFFICE HOURS ONLY). 
The club discount is NOT released to the public so check your email Inbox for details. Remember to take your Current 2020-21 Membership Card along to gain access to this.

This is a strictly “First In Best Wet” offer as NO seats can be reserved.

Divers Den allows unguided dives for Nautilus Club members.

Dates Available:
Friday 4 and Saturday 5 December 2020
Departure/Return Location:
Reef Quest Vessel, Cairns Marlin Marina
5pm – 1am

  • Dinner
  • ​Tea, coffee and hot chocolate
  • Hot freshwater showers

FULL Details can be found here >>

REMEMBER to CALL Divers Den  DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS (NOT AFTER-HOURS) on (07) 4046 7333  to book OR ONLINE (details in your member email) and get the club discount rate else you may be charged RRP.

Any other questions please contact Divers Den on Ph. 07 4046 7333.

Nautilus Christmas Club Dive 2020


Hello all members.
Well it is that time of year again when the club organizes the year’s biggest event – our end of year December/Christmas Dive.  Last year was a huge event and this year is likely to be another ripper!
We have secured 50+ places on AquaQuest ReefQuest (change of vessel to allow more members onboard!!) out of Cairns, a truly unique Nautilus Club event.

One catch …it is a case of first in to dive!  This is a Nautilus Club Members only event. This year unfortunately due to Covid19, there is no space for family and friends. There will be the usual after-party somewhere nearby on shore – stay tuned for a separate email from our hard working Social Coordinator soon.

Meanwhile, bookings are NOW OPEN so it’s time to act.

Date: Saturday 12th December
Check In: 8:00am on the boat, Cairns Marlin Marina (mooring details on Booking Confirmation email from Divers Den)
Departs: 08:30 sharp !

A very special club discounted price applies for THIS CLUB CHRISTMAS DIVE ONLY  (Please check with the booking staff to confirm the rates at the time of booking).  We do our best to keep details accurate and operators reserve the right to make changes at any time.

2 Dives Only are available on the day due to the logistics of the number of divers on the dive deck. 

Nitrox IS NOT available,
Rental equipment maybe also available.
Rental equipment available at a cost – must be pre-booked

Book with Divers Den direct over phone,  Ph. 07 40467333
All bookings must be done during office hours (010:00 – 15:00) only as the special deal will be handled manually in the reservation system.  NO Online Booking, you must call Divers Den to Book.
You MUST be a current financial member and quote your membership card number (or membership payment receipt number) when booking.  Membership Card may be requested when checking in on the day so take it with you.
Your place is secured with full payment (see above).

On the day:
Arrive at 08:00am to check in on the boat as departure is 08:30 sharp.
Have your club and cert cards with you on the boat AS YOU WILL NEED THEM, both are critical.

Any other questions please call either Divers Den on Ph. 07 4046 7333, or
send an email to DiveCoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net (allow 48 hours reply time) or ask at an upcoming club meeting.

Ho Ho, Bubble Bubble, Ho Ho …

Nautilus Club Dive Coordinator.
email:   divecoordinator@nautilus-scuba.net

Sticky: Special Dive Events – What They Are

The club organises periodic specialized dive trips for members catering for:
• differing levels of dive experience;
• variety of diving interests;
• venture beyond local GBR waters;

These trips vary in pricing & complexity and include Australian destinations, some outside of Queensland.
Trips are planned in a way to avoid or minimize financial loss to the club (cut off dates, opening offers to non-members, wait lists, etc) so it is important to read ALL the details as the trips are released.

Some upcoming trips in the planning (Tentative, not assured) may include:
*  Frankland Islands;
*  Local Live-aboard trips;
*  Fitzroy Island (shore diving);
*  Shark Diving (South Australia);
*  Yongala (wreck);
*  and many more.

So keep a watch on the Website (this page), Newsletter, financial Member Emails and of course by attending the Monthly Member Meetings (details HERE ) !!