Nautilus Christmas Club Dive 2020


Hello all members.
Well it is that time of year again when the club organizes the year’s biggest event – our end of year December/Christmas Dive.  Last year was a huge event and this year is likely to be another ripper!
We have secured 50+ places on AquaQuest ReefQuest (change of vessel to allow more members onboard!!) out of Cairns, a truly unique Nautilus Club event.

One catch …it is a case of first in to dive!  This is a Nautilus Club Members only event. This year unfortunately due to Covid19, there is no space for family and friends. There will be the usual after-party somewhere nearby on shore – stay tuned for a separate email from our hard working Social Coordinator soon.

Meanwhile, bookings are NOW OPEN so it’s time to act.

Date: Saturday 12th December
Check In: 8:00am on the boat, Cairns Marlin Marina (mooring details on Booking Confirmation email from Divers Den)
Departs: 08:30 sharp !

A very special club discounted price applies for THIS CLUB CHRISTMAS DIVE ONLY  (Please check with the booking staff to confirm the rates at the time of booking).  We do our best to keep details accurate and operators reserve the right to make changes at any time.

2 Dives Only are available on the day due to the logistics of the number of divers on the dive deck. 

Nitrox IS NOT available,
Rental equipment maybe also available.
Rental equipment available at a cost – must be pre-booked

Book with Divers Den direct over phone,  Ph. 07 40467333
All bookings must be done during office hours (010:00 – 15:00) only as the special deal will be handled manually in the reservation system.  NO Online Booking, you must call Divers Den to Book.
You MUST be a current financial member and quote your membership card number (or membership payment receipt number) when booking.  Membership Card may be requested when checking in on the day so take it with you.
Your place is secured with full payment (see above).

On the day:
Arrive at 08:00am to check in on the boat as departure is 08:30 sharp.
Have your club and cert cards with you on the boat AS YOU WILL NEED THEM, both are critical.

Any other questions please call either Divers Den on Ph. 07 4046 7333, or
send an email to (allow 48 hours reply time) or ask at an upcoming club meeting.

Ho Ho, Bubble Bubble, Ho Ho …

Nautilus Club Dive Coordinator.

Sticky: Up-coming Club Dives – Advanced Notice

We all love diving and what to know what’s coming up, right?
Well if you are a Financial Member then you will have already noticed that the next TWO Club Dives beyond the current are listed at the bottom of your Monthly Club Dive email – you know, the one that is sent out each and every month.  This helps you plan ahead.
Also, you can find out the scheduled Club Dives (an other events) in the Calendar on this Website.  Just navigate HERE to visit the Events Calendar and copy the dates into your diary.

Now, if for some reason none of the above seem to work for you, here are the next TWO upcoming Monthly Club Dives for your planning.
Note:  there are no specific details for these yet – that will come out in the email as things can and do change.  As great as our Sponsor Operators are (and the ARE), they reserve the right to alter thinks if needed (like weather, capacity management and the dreaded Covid19 situation, etc). 
Just keep a watch our on your email inbox and until then …

Date: Saturday 12th December 2020 
Club Xmas Dive  &  Social Event  (separately organized events)
Dive Operator:  Divers Den
Dive Location:  Cairns

Date: Sunday 10th January 2021
Operator: Calypso
Location: Port Douglas

Bookings open immediately after the completion of the current monthly Members Meeting.
For Example Only:  Book for October as soon as September Members Meeting (4th Wednesday of the month) event is over as the dive is then ‘officially’ launched and open for bookings.

Note: Dives are planned using best-efforts and are subject to change based on Operators, Weather, Availability, Pandemics and good ol’ Murphy getting into the act!

Covid-19 Effects on our Club/Diving

Submit your feedback, help us keep members engaged during this time

A message from our President

Dear Nautili,

We had an online emergency committee recently re Covid-19 as we need to apply new Queensland Government new rules.  The critical ones are below:

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic

  1. Monthly Club Dives:
    As current restrictions are changing (from June 2020), Club Dives have resumed under specific QLD Govt. state rules!   This alters the number of divers onboard any vessel, catering limitations and dive-time scheduling.  The days and times that Monthly Club Dives can run is dependent on these rules and the ability of our sponsor operators to run.  Patience and understanding is required.
    That said, for many there has never been a better time to go diving.  Dive decks are less busy, dive sites are great and our sponsor operators certainly value the business!  Time to support those who are supporting the club!
    Please look to your email Inbox and this Website for further details and when Club Dive events are on.

  2. All overseas trips have been cancelled or deferred until further notice. Australia’s borders are closed and we don’t know for how long, but expect quite some time. The Overseas Coordinator has been keeping all  members who are affected by this up to date. No new overseas trips will be planned at this stage. 

  3. The Underwater Photo-competition 2020 has been cancelled. We are all very sorry we had to make this decision but we did not see a way to pull it off.  We are now busy organizing the Photo-competition for 2021 in anticipation all will be ok – we will keep you updated.

  4. Club-meetings – all physical club-meetings have resumed under our Covid-19 Event Plan and Checklists.  This means that things MUST operate differently.  We are abiding by all state rules and must follow them.  ALL Members who attend must appreciate that these measures are not what the committee would like but there is no choice.
    Attending members MUST follow guidelines at the meeting, maintain Social Distancing AT ALL TIMES and respect the directions of the organizers.
    Please follow the signage and guidance of our Covid19 Trained committee members as they are directing you for your own safety and the safety of others.  Also be aware that rules are constantly changing to what happened last meeting may not be what is needed next.

    Remember to NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, have been advised to self-isolate or have any reason to suspect that you may be at risk.

  5. Newsletter – self-isolation, Social Distancing and writing articles or sending in items, photos, stories, news for the Newsletter go very well together. Please send in your contributions to

If you have any questions or suggestions, or wish to share information  with members, let us know. 
It is on us as a community to help each other and get each other through these rough times. 

Stay safe and keep each other safe. 

Warm wishes,

Nautilus Scuba Club President

Submit your feedback, help us keep members engaged during this time

CovID-19 Important Announcement

Currently scheduled Members Meetings are now operating under a recommended Covid-19 Plan and Event Checklist.  These are available for viewing at meetings – just as any committee member present.

This means that things MUST operate differently.  We are abiding by all relevant state and federal rules and every person present must follow them.  ALL Members who attend must appreciate that these measures are not what the committee would like but there is no choice.

The club have taken measures to keep all members and visitors safe including having specific committee members assigned to keep across Covid-19 best practices AND Covid-19 Safe Trained to help run meetings.  Necessary signage and venue floor marking are in place – please read and follow them.  Sign-in to the venue is mandatory so please comply.  Attending members MUST follow guidelines at the meeting, maintain Social Distancing AT ALL TIMES and respect the directions of the organizers.

Remember to NOT attend if you are feeling unwell, have been advised to self-isolate or have any reason to suspect that you may be at risk.

Sticky: See what we’ve got planned for you.. in the Calendar

So you might be wondering what we’ve got planned for our members in the coming months & years?  Well 2019 is jam packed and we are already working on 2020 & /2021 local (FNQ/NQ), national (Australia wide) and exotic overseas trips.  If you have any suggestions, comments or are interested in becoming involved more in the club, please contact us via

Also, while you are here, check out our events calendar with all the dates

We have so much on, including:

  • Club dives every month,
  • Club Member & Committee meetings every month,
  • Overseas trips,
  • Social Events,
  • Underwater photo comp in June  each year,
  • Extra local and national ‘Special Dive’ events,
  • and more!!

Club Dives and how they work

Club Dives: How they work

This is a general explanation on how the Nautilus Club dives work, especially meant for new members.

We have a dive calendar to help you plan your dives with the club in advance – like a Diving Diary – add the events of interest to yours now!

We also advise at Monthly Member Meetings AND via email to all financial members (only) about upcoming dives.  This includes the next month’s dive in detail and diary-date information for the next two months up-coming (read the emails all the way to the bottom!).  Details can only be provided for the next month’s dive as things do change and operators reserve the right to make these changes as necessary.  A  reminder email for the next upcoming dive is sent out 7 days before departure so that there is time for members to still take advantage of the exclusively reserved seats before they are released to the public.

We also notify members via out social media outlets (currently facebook group)

We ask the dive operator to reserve a number of spots for our members, normally around 12 seats.  We get a sizable discount for our members in exchange for supporting them – a win-win situation.

To go on a club dive, you call the dive operator direct (do not call any club members who work for the operator – they cannot help you!) once that Dive Event is opened and book your spot. You pay the dive operator directly and your place is confirmed on full payment.  Be sure to bring your Current Financial Membership and Dive Cert cards with you on the dive as you will need them BOTH.   ALL this is in the detailed email that is sent to Financial Members.

Spots are kept available for the club up to a cut-off date,  normally 48 hours prior to the dive date (this will depend on the operator). From that date on, the operator will fill the spots with non-Nautilus members so if you call late it is not guaranteed that you will get a seat.  It is also possible that the spots we have reserved for Nautilus are already full.  If the boat does fill then more seats will be opened to club members upon booking if they are available.

Club Dives
Currently, club dives are on either the second Sunday or Saturday of the month (Covid-19 plans dependent).  When and where possible we go once a quarter (every 3 months) out of Port Douglas and twice a quarter (the remaining 2 months) out of Cairns.  The operators do vary based on availability and the offer they provide to club members.  We are always looking for the best deals for members that present quality and value for money and support local operators where possible.

As club members, we get sizeable discounts on the standard prices that are only ever disclosed on emails to current financial members. This is CRITICAL to preserve the integrity of the operator’s pricing and an added benefit of membership to the club.  Identify yourself as a current financial club member when booking and show your current membership card on the day of diving – this is mandatory or you may be asked to pay the difference on retail pricing!

Cancellations:  Different operators have different Cancellation Policies so if you feel like you may need to cancel or are uncertain – ask when booking.  The club cannot be held responsible for circumstances that lead to a cancellation so the onus is on you at booking time to ASK.

Overseas Dive Trips
We organise approximately 2-3 overseas dive trips per year.  Past destinations include: PNG [Walindi, Tufi, Lissenung Island, Liveaboard MV Chertan], Palau, Truk Lagoon, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji and others.  As a club, we often manage to get great group deals and these trips are hugely popular.

NOTE:  ALL Overseas trips are currently suspended due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.  The club are monitoring this and will advise members when this travel resumes.

Domestic Travel and Special Dive Events
We are now also exploring additional dives within Australia that offer great deals to members and extend your diving experience beyond the Great Barrier Reef and surrounds.  In the past this has included regular visits to the Yongala (located near Ayr in QLD) and other wrecks nearby.  Future trips may include these plus travelling further afield (including interstate) to sites that are of interest to members and/or are requested – subject to any current travel restrictions.

Our valued sponsors also send us special offers and discounts on dive trips from time to time.  These are sent to members via email and on occasion, posted on social media (but never the prices, they are strictly via email only!).

Keep a watch on what is happening with these Special Dive Events here:

All members are informed via emails about the new and upcoming plans and dive opportunities.  Please contact the for FNQ, Special and Domestic based dives and the for trips outside of Australia.  

Other Dive Opportunities
We are a dive club so diving is our key focus.  As such, we are constantly looking for viable dive opportunities for the club.  Suggestions are always welcomed and are discussed at the monthly committee meetings.  If you have any ideas, please email: for consideration.  The club is for the members and the committee always values your input as it may lead to some exciting experiences for all.